A Guide To Internet Connectivityin Mexico

As a real estate agent, I deal with clients who want to settle in Mexico for good. A query not related to property (but nevertheless important) is about internet connection in Mexico.  Many of them have wrong notions that Mexico may be lacking high-speed internet connection and we are still living in the dial-up era!

I understand that internet is very vital to our existence. Be it our personal life or business, internet has become an umbilical cord that connects us with the entire world. I run my business travelling all over the world! My work will suffer if I am without internet for even an hour.

Fortunately, in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, I don’t face problem with internet. High-speed broadband internet is available easily. The quality of service is quite good. With plethora of plans, a person can choose what’s best for him or her. Wi-Fi connections can be set up at homes. The tariffs are lower compared to similar plans in my native country – USA. Telmex phone connection also has a high-speed internet service if you want.  It’s called Infinitum and you need to subscribe it. The ID and password you will get will allow to access internet all over Mexico through Telmex access points doting Mexico.

For making calls especially international and long distance calls, Skype and other apps (such as Viber) which allow voice calling can be used free of cost (only data is used). Internet telephony is also allowed in Mexico. For expats and other who are in Mexico for a long time, use of Skype is a big money saver. All you need a high speed internet connection and you can stay connected with your loved ones! Skype-Skype calls are free while Skype to a phone number has a charge which is still lower than landline or mobile phone tariffs. Smartphones with high speed internet have become a norm and apps are widely used by businesses and authorities especially those related to tourism (Like the app Restaurantes Vallarta Nayarit to promote restaurants in Puerto Vallarta).

For people who love to work from restaurants and cafes, free Wi-Fi is common. These establishments give code to access Wi-Fi which can be used to access high speed internet on your laptop, tablets or smartphones. I spend my hours at a local café by the beach. Perfect stress-buster even if I am working from there! One of the perks of living in this beautiful beach destination! Hotels too offer Wi-Fi. While bigger hotels charge a certain amount, many smaller hotels give it out free to their guests.

To boost internet usage by people many municipal government across Mexico have set up free wireless in public places such as parks.

In Mexico, the telephone and internet penetration is deep and at least most of places frequented by tourists and expats have a good network. You won’t feel disconnected or alone in Mexico for want of internet or mobile connection.